The Château Lartigue-Cèdres is located in the centre of the Bordeaux vineyards, between the rivers Garonne and Dordogne, the “entre deux mers”. It was built at the end of 1800 in stone quarried on the site and the Chateau represents the innovative spirit of its builders bringing together modernity and tradition, intelligence and the land.

A rural expression but with  modern winemaking techniques
The paradoxes : an old  chai using modern technology &  thermo-regulated vats. Old vines renovated every year, barrels kept in a burried  winestore, bottles protected in a half-buried winestore.
We follow attentively the changes in modern  oenology, using it to our best advantage  but always in a reasonable way.
Ecology & bio diversity are a daily commitment in our vineyards & winestore.
No ecological labels or administrative formalities but,  everyday, a true  commitment from all our staff.

A traditional Bordeaux Red Wine
Our red Bordeaux wine is elaborated without chemical yeast
Benefiting from a long vinification our Bordeaux wine is well  cared for. With daily tasting & regular analysis we follow the elaboration and development of our wines during a full year.
This wine spends a short time in oak barrels, which gives it more of a spirit than a character. Generally speaking, its taste is of matured fruit expressed together with silky and melted tannins, long in the mouth and slightly woody. Bottles are numbered and there are magnums.
tasting : this should be at room temperature and its flexibility will allow you to serve it with many different dishes.
conservation : it can be enjoyed from one year and up to 8-10 years depending on the year of harvest.

A fruited wine: Clairet
A pure expression of red fruits, this wine is an unknown delight. It is more of a light red wine than a rosé.
The creation of this wine is technically very difficult but its deepness & fruitiness make it worthwhile.

tasting : to be drunk chilled to very chilled when the night is hot.
garde : one year to take advantage of the fruits vivacity, 2 to 3 years for a long and fruity wine. With time, the vivacity disappears. In the summer, always keep a few bottles in the refrigerator !

Whites : pure Sauvignon
The grapes of white Sauvignon give an elegant fruity & refined white wine.
This wine is dry & fruity with peach & grapefruit aromas & a slight acidity.
« Degustation » : drink chilled as an aperitif or with fish, shellfish or hard cheeses.
Keep for between 2 & 3 years

Pure elegance : our Cremant rosé brut – a sparkling wine
« œil de perdrix » is a very pale colour, limpid, mineral with very fine bubbles.
Cremant Rosé is worked in the same way as our « blanc de rouge », getting its slight natural tint from the  skins of the grapes as they are being pressed.
We harvest by hand & use only « Cabernet franc » which produces an elegant & mineral Cremant. Bubbles are thin but numerous, expanding during the aging process of one year.
It is a luxury at a moderate price.
« Degustation » : drink chilled as an aperitif or with dessert and on all festive occasions.
Keep between 2 & 3 years.

Perfect for picnics : our Bordeaux Rosé
A rosé which is light & easy to drink. Bottles are sealed with a screw top for easy use at all times
« Degustation » : drink chilled.
Keep between 1 & 2 years.

For the adventurous
For the most courageous, the bottom of the well is 25 metres underground and can be reached by walking through a subterranean stone pit!
2 vasts cellars
Two vats cellar are used in the winemaking process where the temperature is totally controlled.
One vats cellar for red wine, warm vinification & the other for wines like Clairet, white & rosé,where a cold vinification is used.

The Château is always on working !...



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