Château Makievka is located in Saint Emilion on the plain a few minutes drive from the north medieval city. It is a powerful and elegant wine whose eloquence is best expressed after 2 or 3 years...

Origins of the name
This name, atypical in Bordeaux, comes from the family's background : the grandfather, whose picture appears on the label, was born in 1904 in Makievka, a city in the south of Russia. The name was given as a tribute to this grandfather, a valiant strapping fellow who settled his family in the wine business. Since 1991, city of Makievka is in Ukrain.

Fruits, wood and love...
The Chateau Makievka is a smart wine with irreproachable technique which allows the soil to express itself.
Green grapes harvested in a reasonable amount, gentle treatment... everything is done to get a healthy and mature grape, which we'll gently transform into this smart and powerful wine. Then, the wine is transferred to new barrels : French oak to give promptness and temper, American oak to give flexibility and voluptuousness.

Responsable long-term farming, where ecology & biodiversity are  constant & daily commitments in our vineyards & winestore.
Our Saint-Emilion is produced with no chemical yeast. The absence of chemical yeast ensures the wine will develop full and complex aromas all through its aging process.

tasting : at room temperature but open the bottle in advance.

Conservation : it can be drunk from 2 to 20 years depending on the harvests. Don't hesitate to open a bottle from time to time. When you really like what you drink, do not hesitate to finish theremaining bottles!

Imperiale : rare, magnificient, it is the bottle of reference for all the exceptionnal circumstances. Her capacity is made to increase a great evolution of the wine. The impériale contents 6 liters.



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