Our commitment to the environment

1. Ecology is an every day & permanent  commitment and makes for sensible & long lasting farming. No label or administrative certificate but a daily commitment from all our staff.

2. No chemical fertilizers.

3. The  vines are treated according to the weather forecasts & diseases so that  product supplements are resticted & the use of tractors limited.

4. All our wines are filtered twice in order to minimize residues.

5. Our red wines are elaborated without chemical yeast. Only natural & local yeast and that which is provided each year by nature. Natural fermentation favours a wider range of aromatics in particular in the diversity generated by the products (« metabolites) We therefore make both  fermentations « alcoholic & malolactic ». Obviously it implies that our team  respect & favour biodiversity in the care of our grapevines.
Aside from economic gains through the absence of chemical use. our aim is to produce authentic wines which vary from one year to the next but all with the same structure. And it is throughout  the aging process that the character of the wines develops & the differences between years appears.

6.The use of sulphur is limited and measured

7. Tartar surplus is gently removed by « electrodyalisis » & no chemicals are used.

8. Positive hygiene – Our winestores are cleaned with hot water, cold water and brushes, We do not use detergent,  chloride, or chemicals. Thus microbiological life is fostered  and this produces a balanced wine.





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