Getting the best out of our wine

You can drink every wine during the appetizing, chilled or not. Wine as an aperitif can then be drunk with the rest of the meal or just with the starter.
It is often better not to mix too many wines.

Temperature of Clairet and white
Chilled: always keep a few bottles in the refrigerator ! Open the bottle just before drinking it.

Temperature of red and white wines
Red wines are best drunk at room temperature. Always open the bottle a little in advance. For a young wine, open the bottle several hours before to release a little smoothness of the tannins.

Don't bother with the rules some experts require. Enjoy yourself !
Drink the wines you like with the food you like. Your pleasure will always be our best satisfaction.
White Bordeaux : shellfish, fish & hard cheeses.
Bordeaux Rosé : drink chilled with almost everything !
Clairet : salads, pork, oysters, sea-food, mixed grill, pizza, fish, pasta eggs...
Red Bordeaux : salads, pork, all types of meat, eggs, all sorts of cheese, pasta, any complete dish (chili...)...
Saint Emilion : all meat, cheese and complete dishes...

At the bottom of the bottle
There may be a deposit in wine bottles. This is a natural phenomenon with the ageing of wine, and which we do not counter with any forced stabilising. You can filter the wine or decant it in a carafe to recover a very little glass of wine... Do not hesitate to leave the dregs. We call that the angels portion !

Wherever you store your wine, make sure that the bottles lie on their side and away from light. To limit changes of temperature, store all the bottles together.


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